The colourful season

Autumn in Val Müstair

Sonnenuntergang über dem Val Müstair
For many it is the most beautiful season in our small mountain valley. Mild temperatures, deep blue skies and white mountain peaks. Enjoy autumn on a long hike, an invigorating walk or a mountain bike tour. And just outside the front door awaits the Swiss National Park with its pristine nature.
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Herbst im Val Müstair

Always up to date Autumn colouring in Val Müstair

Would you like to find out about the current state of autumn colouring in Val Müstair? Our webcams make it possible.

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Yummy! Game dishes

Autumn is also hunting season in Val Müstair. Hunting has a high cultural value in the region. Many restaurants offer fresh game dishes. Let yourself taste it!
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Mountainbiken im Val Müstair

#PureAlpineTrails Mountain biking

Even in autumn, the Val Müstair still has a lot to offer bikers.

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Der Herbst im Val Müstair

Every step a nature experience Wandern

What could be more beautiful than a hike through golden-yellow larch forests? In autumn, the Val Müstair presents itself from its most beautiful side.

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Die Chatscha culinarica macht insbesondere im Team Freude
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Special Experiences

Autumn holiday tips

Guided excursions and unique experiences are available in Val Müstair right into autumn. Learn more about our holiday tips.

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A la riva dal Rom

Bad weather programme

On holiday in Val Müstair and bad weather at the moment? No problem! We have put together a few bad weather tips for you: