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Where different interests meet, areas of tension arise. In order to prevent possible conflicts between human demands for use and nature conservation, the nature park is committed to raising awareness among locals and guests.

Visitor information and guidance

The Biosfera Val Müstair informs locals and guests about existing natural and cultural values. The nature park is committed to a balanced relationship between the protection and use of our natural resources and to evidence-based decision-making. Thus, we support local stakeholders in visitor guidance measures, visitor monitoring and in monitoring the success of measures taken. One example of this is the visitor monitoring on the northern flank of Piz Dora in winter 2019/20. The results show that the control measures taken are effective and that wildlife rest areas are respected.

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For more nature Snow sports with consideration

The Val Müstair is an ideal area for skiing and snowshoe tours, but it is also home to many wild animals. Four simple rules should help to protect the wildlife in winter.

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Observe, observe, observe Monitoring

Long-term observations, so-called monitoring, can be used to derive control measures for the protection of flora and fauna.

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Expand knowledge

The nature park regularly organises courses and further training on biodiversity promotion or cultural landscape topics. The offer ranges from dry stone walling courses to nature and landscape interpretation to bird excursions and botany courses. Our course leaders bring you closer to the Val Müstair in all its facets.

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Learn new things Courses & Further Education

Our continuing education courses are primarily aimed at locals, partners and hiking and excursion leaders.

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