On the trail of nature

GEO Nature Day

GEO-Tag der Natur
On the GEO Nature Day, which takes place every two to three years, researchers, botanists and zoologists take a closer look at the native flora and fauna of Val Müstair for 24 hours. The results are intended to show what grows and thrives on our doorstep.
Only what we know and understand will we respect and protect.

Motto of the GEO Day

Two days in June

During the last GEO Day on 14/15 June 2019, some exciting things came to light. The 30 or so experts who took part identified a total of 1,324 species of fungi, animals and plants around Müstair. Among them were some first records for Graubünden and the Val Müstair, such as the beetle species spotted tooth weevil (Thamiocolus signatus) and sessile flea beetle (Dibolia rugulosa) as well as the common club wasp (Monosapyga clavicornis) or the brook foamwort (Cardamine rivularis). Examples like these demonstrate the richness of species in the Biosfera Val Müstair.

Review of the past GEO Days

The last GEO Nature Day on June 14/15, 2019 produced some fascinating discoveries. Around 30 experts identified a total of 1,324 species of fungi, animals and plants around Müstair. These included first records for Graubünden and Val Müstair as well as the rediscovery of long-lost species. 

On June 24, 2017, a total of 1598 species, including fungi, mosses, vascular plants, aquatic insects, butterflies, birds and many more, were examined between Fuldera and Lü with the participation of 52 species experts. Particularly noteworthy were the first finds of the mushroom species Unguiculariopsis godroniicola and the species Gentiana vardjanii, which is similar to the yellow gentian.


Reports for download

Here you can download the results of the investigations carried out during the last GEO-Days. Enjoy reading and exploring the results!