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The research work in the Biosfera Val Müstair creates the basis for the sustainable further development of the nature park in social, ecological and economic questions. In addition, long-term research is of further interest in order to understand processes and interrelationships. 

The Research Commission

Together with the Research Commission of the Swiss National Park (FOK), Biosfera Val Müstair initiates, coordinates and documents research in the region. The FOK has been promoting and managing research in the National Park on behalf of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) since 1916. In 2008, the research work was extended to the area of the UNESCO biosphere reserve and thus also to the nature park. Since then, the park has had a seat on the FOK steering committee. Together they developed the «Research concept for the Swiss National Park, the Biosfera Val Müstair Regional Nature Park and other areas of the Engiadina Val Müstair UNESCO Biosphere Reserve». This represents a guideline for research in the region.

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Need help? Research Support

The nature park is available as a contact for researchers in Val Müstair.

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Herbst im Val Müstair

What's new? Current research projects

Since the establishment of the Biosfera Val Müstair, numerous research projects have been carried out in the park perimeter. Read about current projects here.

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Long-term recording Monitoring

Developments in the areas of environment, economy and society in Val Müstair are recorded and documented through long-term observations, so-called monitoring.

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