UNESCO Biosfera

Engiadina Val Müstair

Blick zum Piz Turettas
The Swiss National Park became Switzerland's first high-alpine UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1979. In the course of the expansion to include a maintenance and development zone, the Val Müstair was added in 2010. With the inclusion of parts of the municipality of Scuol, the label was definitively awarded to the extended biosphere reserve in 2017.
Biosphere reserves are model regions in which the protection of biological diversity and natural resources is in harmony with their sustainable use. The UNESCO Biosfera Engiadina Val Müstair is thus a model region for sustainable development. Since the criteria for biosphere reserves correspond in part to the requirements for regional nature parks, only regions in Switzerland that have the park label can submit a candidacy for a UNESCO biosphere reserve.


The Swiss National Park was designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO as early as 1979, until UNESCO carried out a comprehensive modernisation of the concept for biosphere reserves in 1995. The National Park no longer met UNESCO's new requirements, as it consists exclusively of a strictly protected core zone. This gave rise to the idea of establishing a maintenance and development zone in Val Müstair. With the Val Müstair joining the reserve, nothing stood in the way of the label being awarded again. On 2 June 2010, UNESCO provisionally awarded the label. Subsequently, the municipality of Scuol also agreed to the extension of the reserve on the north side. UNESCO then definitively awarded the label on 13 June 2017.

Zonierung Biosphärenreservat


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