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Kloster St. Johann in Müstair
The aim of the Biosfera Val Müstair is to promote sustainable development in the valley. The nature park cannot achieve this task alone, but needs partners who are committed to the values of the nature park, live them and pass them on to the guests.

The partner label

The aim of awarding the Biosfera partner label to businesses is to strengthen the regional economy in the valley through good networking and to specifically support the sustainable orientation of businesses. Biosfera partner businesses undergo a special examination procedure and stand for quality, regionality and environmental awareness. They are competent ambassadors of the nature park and are committed to the sustainable development of the region together with the park. Partner businesses commit to the values of the nature park and implement improvements in seven target areas:

  1. Preservation of natural resources
  2. Strengthening regional value creation
  3. Promotion of regional identity & culture
  4. Information & awareness raising
  5. Quality & Innovation
  6. Cooperation
  7. Fairness

Partner companies

Biosfera partnerships exist in the categories of hotel/B&B, agrotourism and camping. The partnerships are to be extended step by step to other categories (e.g. providers of tourist activities, holiday flats). Currently, there are 13 awarded partner businesses:

Hotel / B&B
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Home on the plate

Biosfera indulgence menus

Our partner establishments offer regional delicacies made from high-quality ingredients from local production. Embark on a culinary voyage of discovery.

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Hotel Münsterhof

Further information

All important information about the Biosfera partnership can be found here: