Jau sun Biosfera

The nature park introduces itself

Fettwiesen bei Fuldera
Fettwiesen bei Fuldera
Nature parks such as the Biosfera Val Müstair are areas with particularly high natural and landscape values. The people of Müstair have decided to preserve this valuable heritage and to use it respectfully. True to the motto: «Jau sun Biosfera – I am the Biosfera».
Regional nature parks help to preserve and enhance landscapes of exceptional beauty and species-rich habitats. At the same time, they increase the chances of further tourism development in the respective region. Nature parks offer their guests genuine experiences of nature, fascinating stories, contact with the local population and the enjoyment of regional specialities.


The legal basis for Swiss parks has been in force since 2007. They are found in the Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act (NHG) and in the Parks Ordinance (PäV). The law allows regions with exceptional natural and landscape values to be recognised as nature parks – provided that certain requirements are met. These include the diversity and rarity of native animal and plant species, the special beauty of the landscape and a low degree of impairment of the landscape and townscape by infrastructural facilities. To become a nature park, an application must be submitted to the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). If all the requirements are met, the «Park of national importance» label is awarded, which the Biosfera Val Müstair has held since 2011.

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Piz Dora und Piz Daint
Blick auf Piz Dora und Piz Daint

Dare more sustainability Charta 2021-30

The Val Müstair was awarded the label «Park of national importance» in 2011. This label is awarded every ten years on the basis of a charta, currently for the period 2021-30.

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Chasa Jaura

Broad support Sponsorship

The nature park is an institution under public law and as such is affiliated to the municipality of Val Müstair.

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Facts & Figures

Did you know? Facts & Figures

In Val Müstair, 100,000 black bees are bred by local beekeepers. More exciting and curious features in our fact check.

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Val Mora

Nus eschan Biosfera! New projects for 2025-28

The Biosfera Val Müstair is already planning the projects for the years 2025-28. Your project ideas for the further development of the Nature Park are welcome.

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Part of a big picture

Val Müstair is much more than just a nature park. Together with the Swiss National Park and parts of the municipality of Scuol, the nature park forms Switzerland's first high alpine biosphere reserve, the UNESCO Biosfera Engiadina Val Müstair. The perimeter of the nature park covers the entire area of the municipality of Val Müstair. In addition to the main valley with its six fractions Tschierv, Fuldera, Lü, Valchava, Sta. Maria and Müstair, the uninhabited Val Mora is part of the park area. Val Nüglia is also part of the Swiss National Park.

Perimeter Biosfera Val Müstair
Sonnenuntergang über dem Val Müstair

Highlights 2011-20

The most important highlights from the past 10 years – the first operational phase of the nature park – can be found here: