Extracurricular place of learning

Educational work by the nature park

Wildhüter Jon Gross
Education and awareness-raising are among the core tasks of the nature park. The educational work of the Biosfera Val Müstair is based on the principles of «Education for Sustainable Development» (ESD) and ties in with Curriculum 21. In this way, we sensitise even the youngest children to the natural and cultural values in Val Müstair.

Adventure offers for school classes

One focus of the nature park's educational work is the adventure programmes for school classes. These impart knowledge in the three dimensions of sustainability - ecology, economy and culture and society. The students deal with different lifeworlds and values and reflect on their own ways of thinking. In doing so, the spectrum ranges from local experiences to global contexts. The offer is tailored to secondary level I (corresponds to cycle 3 in Curriculum 21). Some courses are also suitable for the primary level.

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Learn something new Offers for schools

School classes in Val Müstair experience the special features of culture, nature and the economy at first hand. The programmes are based on the Curriculum 21.

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Cooperation with the Val Müstair school

The nature park works closely with the Val Müstair school. Joint projects on park themes promote appreciation for the natural and cultural values of the entire valley. During one of these projects - rather a project week — the pupils were taught about the importance of dry stone walls for the cultural landscape. The nature park is committed to the preservation and enhancement of dry stone walls because they represent a valuable cultural asset.

Watch Hecken und Trockensteinmauern on YouTube.

Another example is the educational programme «Food for Future», which was developed together with the Grisons parks to raise awareness of regional products and their added value. In the pilot project, two classes from the Val Müstair school spent four lessons and an excursion day intensively studying the product cycle of mountain cereals and thinking about fair nutrition and what everyone can contribute to it.

Watch Food for Future on YouTube.

Leisure activities for children

Since spring 2021, children aged 7 to 12 from Val Müstair have been discovering the nature park with the children's and youth group «Biosfera buonderfuts». On around six occasions between April and October, they explore nature together, discover cultural assets and play. The focus is on the joy of experiencing something together and getting to know new things.

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Learning through play Children & Youth Group

Become part of the «Biosfera buonderfuts» and discover the nature park together with other children and young people from Val Müstair.

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Further training and awareness-raising

Our highly trained guides are the calling cards of the nature park. They convey the special features of Val Müstair to guests and school classes on numerous excursions and adventure offers. The nature park regularly offers professional, methodological and content-related further training for guides.

In order to inform and sensitise the general public about sustainability issues, various campaigns are carried out on current topics. These can be print products, lectures, exhibitions and much more. In this way, we create awareness and lay the foundation for further learning processes.

Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
Erste Hilfe Kurs
Wunderwelt der Bienen
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Courses & Further Education

Landscape interpretation

Participants from all over Switzerland come to Val Müstair for numerous further training courses, such as the course in cultural and landscape interpretation.

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Courses & Further Education

Outdoor first aid course

Our guides should also act correctly in an emergency! The outdoor first aid course provided an opportunity for realistic exercises.

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Courses & Further Education

Wonderful world of bees

The special exhibition from the Grisons Museum of Nature makes a guest appearance in Tschierv and provides an insight into the lifestyles of wild bees and honey bees.

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