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Nature Park Biosfera Val Müstair

Blick ins Val Müstair
Blick ins Val Müstair, Ofenpass
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The idyllic Val Müstair is a world of its own. Lush green meadows and picturesque villages contrast with the wild nature of the nearby national park. It's no surprise then, that the valley was designated a Regional Nature Park in 2011. Welcome to the Biosfera Val Müstair! To date, the Biosfera Val Müstair is the only nature park in Switzerland with two UNESCO designations. The park is home to the UNESCO World Heritage monastery of St. Johann in Müstair and, together with the Swiss National Park and parts of the municipality of Scuol, forms Switzerland's first high-alpine UNESCO biosphere reserve. In other words, a small valley of world stature. Visit us and discover the exceptional landscapes and living traditions with your own eyes.
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Frühling im Val Müstair.

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People & Stories from the Val Müstair

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Martina Marcona – Lady of the 1000 threads
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Nicci Tschenett vollgas bergab
Biking with Nicci Tschenett
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Der italienische Machu Picchu mit Blick ins Valle del Braulio Richtung Bormio
Hike to Machu Picchu

Discover the Val Müstair

The people of Val Müstair have always lived from and with nature. The Val Müstair, its inhabitants and their culture are characterised by an intact landscape and a strong connection to nature. The sun-drenched valley in the south-eastern tip of Graubünden is aware of its values. More than 80 percent of the local farmers produce purely organically, the multifaceted crafts of the valley work in a tradition- and quality-conscious manner and the region offers a unique cultural and natural landscape. And yet, or precisely because of this, we appear level-headed and unobtrusive. Is this due to the peace and modesty that the 1200-year-old UNESCO World Heritage monastery of St. Johann exudes? We want to find out and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life far behind us.

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