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Product certification

Pauraria Pitsch
Our certified products must contain at least 80 percent regional ingredients and 2/3 of the added value must be generated in the region. Only then are the products awarded the coveted product label of the nature park, which bears the «regio.garantie» seal of quality.
To ensure that the requirements for the respective product are met, producers are inspected every two years by an independent inspection and certification body. This task is carried out by bio.inspecta.

The product label

The Biosfera Val Müstair product label is made up of three elements: the park label, the square FOEN label and the «regio.garantie» seal of quality. This covers both the national and regional level, which gives the label a high value. Producers in Val Müstair can apply for their goods to be labelled with the product label at any time. To do so, the producer simply fills out the appropriate product range agreement. Alpinavera – responsible for product certification in Graubünden – checks the information. If all the requirements are met, bio.inspecta carries out an inspection. As soon as bio.inspecta issues the certificate, the desired product can be labelled with the product label.


Our brand promise

  • The most important raw materials come from Val Müstair.
  • The products are manufactured in Val Müstair.
  • The products are manufactured with sustainability in mind and contribute to strengthening the regional economy.
  • The producers support the nature park in achieving its goals.

Assortment agreements

Currently, products from the egg, meat, fruit and vegetable, beverage, honey, jam, cereal and milk ranges can be certified. If you would also like to have your products certified or have ideas for new product ranges, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities together.

Thorsten Frohn


Thorsten Frohn (Head of Marketing & Communication)

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