Tour de Ski


Tour de Ski 2016-17
Welcome to our media area for the Tour de Ski. Here you will find all the important information about the Tour de Ski in Val Müstair.

Important information

Accreditation form

The accreditation phase for the Tour de Ski Val Müstair 2021 has been completed.

Zone Yellow

The media representatives are part of the yellow zone, for which there are only 40 accreditations (excluding TV).

Number of authorised media professionals and media centres

The media centre is located in the Tschierv gymnasium. It is limited to 40 places and is open from 9.00 to 17.00. The 40 places are made up of the first 40 accredited media professionals (excluding TV) who register via the Accreditation form have registered.

TV crews and commentators will not be allowed into the media centre, but will also be asked to use the Accreditation form to be filled out.

Collecting the accreditations

The accreditation must be collected personally by each member of the media. Accreditation is located at the guest information desk in Tschierv. The desks will be protected with plexiglass panels, masks are compulsory for all visitors. The opening hours are: 8.00 - 17.00.

Media contacts

General Secretariat Tour de Ski Val Müstair
c/o Guest Information Val Müstair
Chasa Cumünala
CH-7532 Tschierv
Tel. +41 81 861 88 40