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Mini language course Rhaeto-Romanic

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What do you call the «Schellenursli» in Romansh? What does the children's festival «Chalandamarz» have to do with the Romansh language? In the mini-language course, pupils immerse themselves in the Rhaeto-Romanic language and culture.

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The Rhaeto-Romanic language is a valuable cultural asset in Val Müstair. The people of Müstair speak the dialect «Jauer» and thus lend the language their own touch. Local events and customs help to preserve the Romansh language, including the children's festival «Chalandamarz» or the «Festa da la racolta», the harvest festival. The Rhaeto-Romanic mini-language course is aimed at school classes from primary level upwards and lasts about 1½ hours. They take their first excursions into a new language and practise a song text or a poem.

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Minisprachkurs Rätoromanisch

Mini language course Rhaeto-Romanic

In the mini language course Rhaeto-Romanic, pupils learn to understand a few words and immerse themselves in a foreign and at the same time exciting language.

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