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Misteri Müstair with Angela Hewitt (CDN)

Concert Misteri, Angela Hewitt, St. Johann Monastery


11.08.2024 at 15:00 o'clock
Adults CHF 30, families with up to four children CHF 90
Kloster St. Johann Müstair

As one of the world's leading concert pianists, Angela Hewitt performs as a soloist with major orchestras throughout Europe, America, Australia and Asia. With her interpretations of the music of J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750), she has established herself as one of the most important interpreters of the composer of our time. The Goldberg Variations represent a high point of the Baroque art of variation. With them, Angela Hewitt will not only bring Bach's legacy to life, but also make the monastery church resound.
The Carolingian and Romanesque wall paintings and the late Gothic vault spanning the entire space will serve as a resonant space steeped in history.

Concerts in the monastery church
Saturday, August 10, 5 p.m. (sold out) Sunday, August 11, 3 p.m.

Tickets Reservation at events@muestair.ch, to be collected at the box office Reduced ticket prices apply for locals: Adults CHF 30, families with up to four children CHF 90


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