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Charta 2021-30

Piz Dora und Piz Daint
Blick auf Piz Dora und Piz Daint
The Val Müstair was awarded the "Park of National Importance" label by the federal government in 2011. This label is awarded every ten years on the basis of a charter. The contents of the charter are developed together with the population.
There can be no nature park without the commitment of the local population. Therefore, a broad, participatory process preceded the drafting of the charter. Thanks to the active participation of all, the course for the future of the Biosfera Val Müstair could be set anew. In the vote in January 2020, an overwhelming majority of 99% declared their support for ten more years of sustainable development.

What is the Charta?

The charter is the strategic basic document of the nature park, which is valid for a period of ten years. In addition to the park regulations, the charter contains a 10-year management plan for the nature park. This describes the past development, the current situation and the future potential of the Biosfera Val Müstair. It defines the strategic park goals and the effects to be achieved in the areas of nature and landscape, sustainable economy, nature- and culture-based tourism, culture, education, research and spatial development.

The «Armonia jaura» mission statement

The original idea of establishing the Biosfera Val Müstair Nature Park is based on the guiding principle of «Armonia jaura», which means «Münstertal harmony». Under this title, the valley population strives for the interaction of the three pillars of sustainability - ecology, economy and society. In this way, the valuable habitat of Val Müstair is to be preserved, sufficient jobs are to be available for future generations, the population is to live in a vital environment and the intact nature and diversity of the landscape are to be preserved.