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Chasa Jaura
The Biosfera Val Müstair Nature Park is an independent institution under public law and as such is affiliated to the municipality of Val Müstair.

Institutional structure

The municipality of Val Müstair is the sponsor of the nature park. Strategic management is carried out by the Biosfera Commission, which consists of a maximum of 14 representatives from various interest groups. The operational management of the park lies with the office. The Label Commission is responsible for the certification of products and services. Working groups are set up for some of the topics dealt with by the nature park. These offer people with skills and interest in the respective subject area the opportunity to contribute their knowledge to the nature park.

Biosfera Commission

Judith Fasser Director of the Val Müstair Health Centre (President of the Biosfera Commission))
Uli Veith Managing Director of the Pro Kloster St. Johann Foundation (Vice-President of the Biosfera Commission)
Armin Andri President Farmers' Association
Norman Backhaus Representative of the Research Commission of the Swiss National Park
Thomas Brülisauer School Director Val Müstair
Jörg Clavadetscher Head of Forestry Office Val Müstair
Marco Gilly President Chasa Jaura
Jon Gross Wildlife warden
Rinaldo Lechthaler Representative of the municipality of Val Müstair
Sabina Manatschal Representative Youth Groups Val Müstair
Daniel Pitsch Farmer
Pio Pitsch Representative Pro Natura Graubünden
Martina Stadler Director Tourism Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair
Ivan Zangerle Architect


Thorsten Frohn Head of Marketing & Communication Biosfera Val Müstair
Marco Gilly President Chasa Jaura
Reto Lamprecht Agricultural adviser
Aline Oertli Head of Offer Development Biosfera Val Müstair
Isidor Sepp Farmer