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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures
The Biosfera Val Müstair in a fact check: Here you will find not necessarily the most important, but the most interesting information about the nature park. Bet you don't know some of them yet?

The nature park in numbers

1 Community forms the sponsorship of the Biosfera Val Müstair.
1440 Inhabitants live in the six fractions Tschierv, Fuldera, Lü, Valchava, Sta. Maria and Müstair.
199 km² is the area of the nature park.
3180 m ü. M. reaches the highest peak of Val Müstair - Piz Murtaröl.
> 80 % of farmers cultivate their land according to organic farming standards.
3 km restored, traditional irrigation canals - so-called "Auals" - can be found in the nature park.
315 km includes the extensive network of hiking and biking trails.
10 x more stars than in the big city can be observed in Val Müstair.
32 % of the forest consists of golden-yellow larches.
200 rare rock butterflies - the mountain witches - enchant guests and locals alike.
100'000 black bees are bred by local beekeepers.
830 n. Chr. date the first traces of hand-woven textiles.
46° 36' 55'' N / 10° 29' 31'' O are the coordinates of the easternmost point of Switzerland.