The Val Müstair very personal

MünstertalerInnen vor dem UNESCO Welterbe Kloster St. Johann in Müstair.
The Val Müstair – a feeling of peace, serenity and pure nature. People from our region tell us what Val Müstair means to them personally. But what is the Val Müstair for you? Take part now and win!

Val Müstair fans wanted

What is the Val Müstair for you? The unspoilt nature, the numerous activities, the picturesque villages or simply the remoteness of Val Müstair? We want to know what convinces our Val Müstair fans. Tell us via a video or picture/text message what Val Müstair means to you and, with a bit of luck, win a Val Müstair voucher.

This ist how it works:

  1. Upload your personal message by 31 August 2022 or use the hashtag #miavalmüstair on Instagram in a new post and tag us @valmuestair.
  2. An internal jury will select the winners from all the messages submitted, who will receive a Samnaun voucher worth CHF 500 (1st place), CHF 200 (2nd place) or CHF 100 (3rd place).
  3. A best of gallery of the submitted videos will be published on social media.
  4. Your uploaded messages will only be used in connection with the communication of this competition (e.g. image flow on this page, social media) and not for any other purpose. Your name and email address will not be stored in our database and will only be used to contact you in case you are notified of a win.


For us the Val Müstair is...

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Martina Marcona im Val Müstair.
Mistress of 1,000 threads and keys
Martina Marcona

The Val Müstair is like the sound and the different rhythms of the loom for me, where I find peace and creativity.

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Jon Gross im Val Müstair.
For a wild Val Müstair
Jon Gross

For me, living in Val Müstair means living in a nature park where nature is still intact and very beautiful.

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Daniel Pitsch im Val Müstair.
Organic farmer, ski area manager, snow enthusiast
Daniel Pitsch

For me, Val Müstair is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Especially in winter, when I get to ski down the untouched, snow-covered slopes, it gives me a feeling of freedom that I only have here with us.

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Nicole Tschenett, Bike-Guide im Val Müstair.
On the road with «Ride La Val»
Nicci Tschenett

Val Müstair, my home, is one of the most beautiful places for me to live. Here in nature I find the best trails, endless trails and good people.

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Priorin Domenica Dethomas im Val Müstairl

People & Stories

The Val Müstair offers a wide range of opportunities. Above all, however, it is the people who shape the valley. Discover other interesting personalities and exciting stories.

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