Long-term recording


Developments in the areas of environment, economy and society in the Biosfera Val Müstair are documented through existing and own monitoring programmes.
In this way, the nature park can gain an overview of the annual traffic volume or determine information about the added value in tourism or record the satisfaction of the population. Some of these monitoring programmes are not limited to Val Müstair, but are covered by the entire Engiadina Val Müstair biosphere reserve.

Monitoring concept

Systematic data collection in the nature park takes place according to the monitoring concept. As far as possible, this builds on existing data bases. These are obtained from the federal government, canton, municipality and other institutions. The collection of new data is usually time-consuming and is only envisaged if no existing databases are available or if data collection by third parties is not possible. For this purpose, cooperation with research institutions is sought.

The aim of monitoring in the nature park is to use the results for:

  • Monitoring the success of measures,
  • Demonstrating the impact of the nature park (evaluation),
  • Identify deficits or problems in order to take appropriate improvement measures in time, if necessary,
  • Development of new strategies and project planning,
  • Basis for effective communication and participation,
  • Further development of the management plan (charter).

Visitor monitoring

The Val Mora is a popular excursion destination in the Biosfera Val Müstair. The unique high valley is designated as a cantonal landscape conservation area. In recent years, the number of hikers and bikers in Val Mora has increased continuously, which has led to more conflicts between the two groups. However, reliable figures on the increase in visitors are still lacking. In order to meet the needs of the different user groups and nature in equal measure, a visitor monitoring project was launched in 2020. The aim of the project is to collect current data on visitors, which can be used to derive concrete communication and, if necessary, control measures.