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Current research projects

Herbst im Val Müstair
Since the existence of the Biosfera Val Müstair, numerous research projects have been carried out in the park perimeter. These include bachelor's and master's theses as well as multi-year research projects in the disciplines of natural sciences, economics, engineering and social sciences.

Deadwood beetles in Val Müstair

Until now, very little was known about the diversity of deadwood beetles in Val Müstair. That's why species experts spent a summer determining them at various forest sites. They caught a total of 745 beetle species. Of these, 333 species were mainly dependent on old and dead wood for their way of life. Some of the beetle species found are considered endangered or potentially endangered. The study shows that there is still a considerable spectrum of species in the Val Müstair that needs to be preserved.

White-coloured stream in Val Costainas

Since 2000, white-coloured stones have been found in the bed of the Aua da Prasüra stream in Val Costainas above Sta. Maria. This phenomenon has already been observed in some high-altitude mountain streams in the Eastern Alps. The colour comes from flakes of aluminium sulphate deposited on the stones. The formation of the flakes is due to the production of sulphuric acid in permafrost areas. Therefore, there is a possibility that the water quality of the affected mountain streams will deteriorate in the future due to climate warming. The investigation of the Aua da Prasüra in the Val Costainas and additional laboratory experiments should help to better assess future developments.

Aua da Prasüra

Monitoring the success of the Rombach revitalisation

It has already been more than ten years since the Rombach near Fuldera was revitalised on the plain of Palüds and Las Spinas. Since the canalisation has been lifted, the river can meander freely again and some shrubs and trees have settled along the river bank. Now the water structure of the Rombach and its (riparian) vegetation are being studied in detail in a master's thesis. The aim of the work is to assess the ecological condition of the Rombach and its banks and to identify maintenance measures for possible future development.

Der Rom bei Palüds