Craftsman and musician with passion

Dario Fallet

Dario Fallet – Handwerker und Musiker
Dario was born with a love of handicrafts. As the son of a carpenter, he and his two brothers began working and tinkering in the family workshop at an early age. So he knew at a young age that he wanted to be a craftsman one day. It was a similar story with music. Inspired by the guitar sounds of Deep Purple and Dire Straits, he learned the instrument and discovered another passion.
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Craft career

The early experiments in his father's carpentry workshop awakened Dario's interest in local wood and so he decided to do an apprenticeship as a forestry technician. For this he left his home and moved to the neighboring Lower Engadine. After the apprenticeship, his job search led him back to Val Müstair. No, not as a forest warden, but as a bricklayer at Foffa & Conrad AG. Dario initially saw this as an interim solution for one year. But he liked the work very much from the start and so one year has now become 15 years. After completing various further training courses, he now works as a construction foreman in the customer masonry department.

Dario Fallet Handwerker Val Müstair

Constructions for eternity

Dario discovered the subject for himself during a dry stone walling course at the Biosfera Val Müstair. He is fascinated by the simplicity of these constructions, because here constructions for eternity are built with simple means. Take the buildings of the Incas or the Romans as an example, which can still be seen centuries later. The dry stone walling course was created at Dario's initiative. He hopes that many more such sustainable buildings will be built in Val Müstair in the future.

Dario Fallet Trockenmauer

Down to the smallest detail - a life-size eagle

In his spare time, Dario still enjoys working in his home carpentry shop. He is currently carving a life-size eagle. A project that takes a lot of time. Dario loves the fine work. For example, he dusted off a few of his father's game trophies for the talons. Besides carving, Dario is passionate about playing the guitar. His father and mother listened to music by Deep Purple or Dire Straits at home - bands that had a lasting influence on his musical taste. When he was 10 years old and was able to experience a live concert on his father's shoulders for the first time, it was clear to him that he wanted to become a guitarist.

Holzschnitzerei Dario Fallet

Dario, the musician

With his guitar, he often enjoys walks in nature. Places like the waterfall «Aua da Pisch» or also the ruin «Balcun At» belong to his favorite places. Here he finds inspiration for new songs and then plays them directly on his guitar. Exactly at these places the Biosfera song was created, which Dario wrote for the 10th anniversary. The idea came from the director of the nature park himself and Dario was immediately enthusiastic. He is always available for spontaneous ideas and so he started collecting ideas with his guitar, a sheet of paper and a pen.

Musiker Dario Fallet

The love for the homeland

The nature park is of great importance to Dario and he is proud that Val Müstair was awarded the park label because of its intact nature. Dario appreciates nature very much, which is why he is regularly out and about in the woods or mountains. Company is very important to him, and he wouldn't want to miss his circle of friends. Nevertheless, he can very well imagine leaving Val Müstair, because he still wants to see a lot of the world and get to know other cultures. However, he would like to spend his retirement in Val Müstair, because he cannot imagine a more beautiful place to grow old.

Dario Fallet Val Müstair

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