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Barrier-free to the monastery St. Johann

Experience a barrier-free guided tour at the UNESCO World Heritage Monastery of St. Johann in Müstair and learn more about the history of the monastery complex.

Spiritual experiences

The monastery of St. Johann in Müstair holds many cultural treasures. A visit to the monastery museum brings the 1200-year building and cultural history of the monastery back to life. During a guided tour, you can visit a large part of the complex with the wheelchair. There are small ramps at each of the old entrance doors. In two rooms you will have to climb a step. Only the old chambers on the second floor remain secret to you.

Take the PostAuto to the bus stop Müstair, Clostra Son Jon. By car you will find a wheelchair parking space opposite the monastery, next to the bus stop. A wheelchair accessible toilet is available in the monastery store.

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Karl der Grosse. UNESCO Welterbe Kloster St. Johann, Müstair.

The namesake UNESCO World Heritage Monastery St. Johann

In the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair, Benedictine everyday life, cultural cultivation, art and research meet.

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Monastery St. Johann

has limited accessibility

There are two to three individual steps that must be climbed. The first floor of the monastery can not be visited.