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Veit Angerer

Veit Angerer, Rennleiter der Tour de Ski Val Müstair
As race director of the Tour de Ski Val Müstair, the South Tyrolean sports teacher Veit Angerer is responsible for the technical implementation of the race track so that the world's cross-country skiing elite can compete at the top level.


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Alternating with Lenzerheide, Val Müstair is the venue for the "Tour de Ski" cross-country skiing series every second year. In the next edition in Val Müstair, which will take place on 31 December 2022 and 1 January 2023, Veit Angerer will also be there with heart and soul and will ensure the competition as race director. Since the first edition in 2013, Veit has been gripped by Tour de Ski fever and has become an integral part of the event. Together with OC President Guido Mittner, he is constantly developing the respective race courses and ensures that they are held in a sporting manner.

Kontrolle der Sprintstrecke bei der Tour de Ski Val Müstair.
Kontrolle der Streckenführung auf dem Tablet.

Also in the 22/23 season, the traditional sprint course over 700m will provide spectacle on the first race day, 31 December. On the second day of the race, New Year's Day, a long-distance race over 10km in the classic technique will be held.

Der Kamelbuckel.
Die Steilwandkurve.

The steep ascent, the rapid descent and the notorious camel humps are sporting challenges and ensure excitement until the last bend. Through these design elements, Veit wants to offer attractive competitions that have an international appeal.

Bauführer der Tour de Ski Val Müstair, Remo Malgiaritta und Rennleiter Veit Angerer.
Bauführer, Remo Malgiaritta und Rennleiter Veit Angerer.

The close collaboration with Remo Malgiaritta, the experienced construction manager of the Tour de Ski Val Müstair, ensures that these elements meet the requirements of the International Ski Federation (FIS) for professional use.

Der prüfende Blick auf die frisch präparierte Rennloipe.
Der prüfende Blick auf die frisch präparierte Rennloipe.

After the rough grading work, fine adjustments have to be made and subjected to a careful check in order to finally be able to release the track for racing. A successful race without injured athletes is the focus for Veit.

Veit the cross country promoter

In the Lower Engadine, it is possible to combine competitive sports with the school program at the High Alpine Institute in Ftan. In this way, gifted sports talents can be supported and encouraged in their development. Not all students who successfully complete the admission process end up becoming professional athletes. However, learning self-discipline, perseverance and endurance is also of enormous importance in professional life outside of top-level sports - especially in today's competitive society.

Im Oberschulzentrum Mals ist Veit Angerer der Spartenleiter für Langlauf und Biathlon.
Im Oberschulzentrum Mals ist Veit Angerer der Spartenleiter für Langlauf und Biathlon.

Such schooling is also offered in the neighboring Vinschgau Valley at the Mals High School Center. Veit Angerer is the full-time head of cross-country skiing and biathlon at the school. For years, he has been passionate about training and promoting students in the sports of cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Langlaufen im Val Müstair, Graubünden, Schweiz.
Genuss pur. Langlaufen im Val Müstair.

As a training area for his athletes, Veit very much appreciates the cross-country skiing area in Val Müstair. Especially around the cross-country skiing center Fuldera to Tschierv to the Tour de Ski trail. For every challenge of cross-country skiing, the Val Müstair cross-country skiing network offers suitable training opportunities. In addition to the good preparation, Veit also appreciates the altitude, which often makes it possible to be on the trails until late in the season.

His commitment to cross-country skiing knows no national borders.

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Text: Tobias Cueni


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