Organic farmer and llama whisperer

Isidor Sepp

Lama-Trekking mit Isidor Sepp
Isidor Sepp is an organic farmer and a "tourism expert", or rather a mediator between town and country - both of which he has been doing for a long time. Together with his wife and children, he runs a farm in Müstair, where he offers a holiday flat and llama trekking. In winter he likes to take guests on snowshoe tours. He enjoys exchange and contact with the guests, and if he can sell some homemade salsiz or meat from the farm in the process - all the better.

Isidor, the farmer

Together with his wife Monica and their sons Ivan and Sven, Isidor runs the farm "Pauraria Puntetta" (German: Brücklein) in Müstair. The farm is located right next to the Muglin campsite, in other words, in the tourist heart of Müstair. Grass grows on an area of 30 hectares for his mother cows and bull. They still have to share it with the goats and especially with the Lamas. The majestic-looking animals, which originally come from South America, are the real attraction at the Puntetta farm.

The mediator

Mountain farmers generally have the image of being taciturn, gnarled and inaccessible. A prejudice that Isidor refutes with mischievousness in his eyes, a sly smile and great eloquence. The joy of visitors to his farm is genuine and he is a «tourist» just as much as a farmer: with heart and soul. He values the exchange with the guests, which is why he offers Lama treks and snowshoe tours. And yes, he provides both the snacks for the treks and tours and a juicy entrecôte on the grill for the holiday guests. It is not surprising that his meat is so popular with guests. All of his meat products have been awarded the nature park's product label.

Der Vermittler Isidor.

A Kingdom for Lamas

Their names are Braulio, Shelly, Sandro, Edelweiss, Heidi and Nevada and they are the four-legged attractions on the Puntetta farm - Isidor Sepp's Lamas. The sublime-looking animals come from South America, where they are transporters and meat suppliers. But they also have to carry luggage in Val Müstair, on the treks with the guests. Lamas are rather undemanding and get by on 2 kilograms of hay per day. That is about 10 times less than a cow eats every day. Funny thing is that they always defecate on the same pile, which makes mucking out much easier.

Lama-Trekking mit Isidor Sepp

Lama Trekking with Isidor

Patiently, the animals have their halters put on and their coats brushed. They also wait tied to the post while Isidor gives them the rules of conduct for the trek: Don't yell or scream, don't get nervous, radiate composure and authority, he postulates. Then it's time to go, with Isidor in front and the other trekkers behind him. The Lamas trot along obediently, at least at the beginning. Then they begin to test how far the authority of the guides reaches, whether some grasses can be plucked from the side of the path and whether the last might not be the first after all. So after a while, the situation has to be clarified again, whereupon the Lamas march along tiptop again, for two to three hours.


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