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Habitat enhancement

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Valuable habitats for numerous animal and plant species are enhanced by nature park measures. In contrast to wilderness areas, many habitats with high biodiversity in Val Müstair have been created by human use. These habitats must be cared for, maintained and protected from negative impacts.

Biodiversity in sources

Since 2016, springs in Val Müstair have been studied with regard to their biodiversity and the data fed into a national database. Springs throughout Switzerland are threatened by climate change and increased pressure of use. Springs are also home to many rare and endangered animal and plant species. The investigations, which are coordinated by the nature park and financed by the Cantonal Office for Nature and the Environment (ANU), allow the most important spring habitats to be recorded and potential for upgrading to be identified.


Nature in the settlement area

The nature park supports the municipality of Val Müstair by providing experts and further training in near-natural green space maintenance of the municipality's own green spaces. In addition, the nature park manages a list of possible donor areas for direct greening. These benefit those areas that have been affected by construction work. Through public relations work, the Biosfera Val Müstair also informs the public about the value of natural gardens for biodiversity.

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Diverse and sustainable agriculture

The majority of farmers in Val Müstair are certified organic. Organic farming is of great importance for the preservation of biodiversity and thus of our livelihood and production basis. Together with the farmers, we are committed to diverse field cultures and the closing of regional production cycles. The nature park thus builds a bridge between the promotion of biodiversity and agricultural production and maintains direct contact with producers. Diverse and innovative agriculture not only offers good sales opportunities for regional products, but also offers many opportunities to promote biodiversity. The nature park is involved in the cultivation of special crops such as flax, supports the maintenance of alpine pastures and pasture forests, and is committed to win-win situations for agriculture and species conservation.

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Simply authentic Agricultura Val Müstair

Agricultura Val Müstair stands for high-quality organic products from Val Müstair.

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Back to the roots Flax cultivation in Val Müstair

Together with the handloom weaving mill Tessanda, we have launched the project «Re-cultivation of flax». The aim is to plant a first field and harvest flax within three years.

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