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Fuldera in Val Müstair

Dorfbild Fuldera
The village of Fuldera is idyllically nestled between the Rombach river and larch forests. The house decorations typical of this region - also called «sgraffitos» – adorn many houses.

Discover Fuldera

In Fuldera you will find yourself in a unique natural oasis: in the summer, the woods and the alder floodplain forest invite you to take a relaxing walk near the Rombach stream. The former school building houses the «Chastè da Cultura» – the culture castle, where exhibitions and events take place. In winter, many children have already taken their first turns on skis or snowboards at the practice lift. The valley cross-country ski trail also runs on the plains around Fuldera and the valley's cross-country ski centre, the «Center da passlung», is located in Furom.

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Promenada William Wolfensberger

Literary circular walk Promenada William Wolfensberger

William Wolfensberger was a pastor in Fuldera from 1914 to 1916 and is widely known for his stories and poems. His works can be found on the Promenada above Fuldera.

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Chastè da cultura

To discover Chastè da Cultura

The former school building houses the «Chastè da Cultura», the cultural castle, where numerous events take place.

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