Cross-country skiing as a passion

Curdin Bott

Curdin Bott ist langjähriger Langlauflehrer des Val Müstair
Freshly groomed trails, blue skies, warming rays of sunshine – such conditions put Curdin Bott, the long-time cross-country ski instructor of Val Müstair, in a good mood. «When the weather is this beautiful, there's nothing better for me in winter than to go cross-country skiing,» admits Curdin.

Cologna's patrons

Curdin Bott is still active as a cross-country skiing instructor today. «I usually start my day as a cross-country skiing instructor at the Fuldera cross-country skiing centre. There I meet my guests and, if necessary, assist them in fitting their rental equipment, which the Aventüras sports shop provides on site.» The cross-country centre with its café is a popular meeting place for guests and locals. That's how Curdin Bott meets his old acquaintance Remo Cologna. Curdin was the Cologna brothers' cross-country ski instructor in their early days. As they talk, the two recall amusing anecdotes. «For the first race, Dario didn't have any cross-country skis yet, so my daughter Flurina sold him hers. They seemed to fit him well - Dario was already able to compete at the front of the field,» says Curdin with a smile.

Curdin Bott und Remo Cologna im Café des Langlaufzentrums in Fuldera, welches ein beliebter Treffpunkt für Gäste und Einheimische ist.

Cross-country paradise on the doorstep

Whether skating or classic - the cross-country centre is the ideal starting point for running the trails in the valley. «That was one of the reasons why I wanted to move to Fuldera with my wife Rosanna,» admits Curdin with a smile. «For me it's a privilege to be able to cross-country ski almost to the front door after lessons. With the cross-country ski pass, which can be bought at the guest information or online, my students can continue to hone their technique on their own after class and discover the varied 29 km of cross-country ski trails.»

Langlauf in Val Müstair

«La muntagnarda» - the challenge for a future Tour de Ski stage?

The impressive landscape with the mountain backdrop of Piz Daint in the background is a particularly beautiful atmosphere to do a few laps on cross-country skis. Especially at the beginning and end of the winter season, Curdin really appreciates this trail because it is relatively snow-sure. It is located at 2,165 m above sea level in the Minschuns ski area and is the highest of the ten cross-country trails in Val Müstair. «When I heard about the idea that this high-altitude trail could become a future stage of the Tour de Ski in Val Müstair, I was thrilled! Such a race would definitely be a challenge for the athletes and certainly spectacular for everyone involved.»

Curdin Bott beim Langlaufen in beeindruckender Landschaft mit der Bergkulisse vom Piz Daint.

Curdin, the active grandfather

Back from the track, Curdin cherishes the time with his family. His grandsons Gianna and Nicola watch in anticipation as their grandfather carefully waxes the cross-country skis. «My family and my grandchildren are everything to me and I am very grateful to have a lovely wife,» Curdin enthuses.

Nach der Arbeit als Langlauflehrer verbringt Curdin Bott gerne Zeit mit seinen Enkel.

Curdin, the carpenter

Curdin loves and appreciates the Val Müstair with its intact nature and enjoys doing his bit by processing sustainable resources. «I worked as a carpenter for 45 years and it still gives me pleasure when I can shape a wooden blank into a beautiful utilitarian object in my small in-house workshop.» Today, granddaughter Gianna is turning a wooden bowl from a piece of cherry wood with her grandfather's help. «It is especially nice when I get support from my grandchildren and can pass on the beautiful craft to them,» says Curdin proudly.

Curdin Bott am Drechseln mit Enkelin.

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