Piz Umbrail – Lai da Rims

Koexistenz Piz Umbrail
The Lai da Rims is a popular highlight for hikers and bikers. To ensure that this remains the case, a priority regulation was developed in addition to the Fairtrail campaign, which is intended to reduce conflicts when using the trail.

Priority regulation

The arrangement is based on the days on which the hiking bus PostBus Val Vau is available: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday priority for hikers. Bikers should preferably use the other days.

Initial situation that led to the decision to introduce a priority regulation

Visitor survey (88 respondents)

  • 28% of hikers had a negative experience with bikers
  • 11% of hikers are strongly disturbed


  • 51 hikers and 14 bikers on average per day
  • Higher frequencies on the days of operation of the PostBus Val Vau hiking bus (Wed, Thu and Sat)
  • Previous time restriction for bikers was not understood or not perceived.
  • Bikers did not notice previous signposting or were not aware of the problem
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Blick vom Val Döss Radond ins Val Mora
Blick vom Val Döss Radond ins Val Mora

Alternative hiking route

Coming from Piz Umbrail, it is worth choosing a scenically spectacular alternative route after Lai da Rims. The variant via Döss Radond is less frequented and offers an impressive view into Val Mora.

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In order for all trail users to enjoy a beautiful experience, mutual consideration and acceptance is required. Please also think of nature and stay on the trails.

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