Delicious meat

Bacharia Val Müstair

Bacharia Val Müstair
Bacharia Val Müstair offers slaughtering, processing and refinement for meat producers from Val Müstair. Specialities such as Salsiz, Mostbröckli, house sausage and fresh meat for direct marketing are produced on site. During the hunting season, game from regional hunters is received and processed.

The new slaughterhouse

As part of a regional development project (PRE), the new slaughterhouse could start operations in spring 2021. A milestone was thus reached. Until now, the slaughter of a larger number of animals was not possible due to a lack of processing capacity in the valley. In addition, the hunting society lacked a building for cooling game. The meat producers were forced to slaughter their animals in the Engadine, in Cazis or in Mals. The direct marketers had to put up with long transport routes, high slaughter costs or high customs duties. Thanks to the new slaughterhouse, this is now finally a thing of the past. Optimal work processes and high quality are strengthened, as is animal welfare. The owner of the slaughterhouse and butchery is Società Bacharia Jaura.

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