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Manuela Zen

Manuela Zen
I am a movement person and hiking is my passion. What could be better than starting the day with Pilates at sunrise on a mountain top to recharge your batteries? I love doing something good for people and passing on my passion for the mountains to you.
Manuela Zen, Guide aus dem Val Müstair


  • Manuela Zen, 14 July 1973
  • Training: ESA Hiking Leader / Pilates Instructor & Movement Therapist
  • Languages: German, Italiano, Rumantsch

Areas of expertise

Wandern im Val Müstair
Summer Val Müstair
Pilates und Wandern
Summer/Winter Val Müstair
Pilates instructor
Cascada da Pisch
Summer/Winter Val Müstair
Wellness and health masseuse / pain and movement therapist
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Lai da Rims
Lai da Rims

Favourite tour Lai da Rims

One of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland with crystal-clear water. Resting on the mountain lake delta and enjoying the idyllic spot is a must.

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Manuela Zen
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