Pilgrimage in Val Müstair

Way of St. James

Erste Etappe Jakobsweg Graubünden Müstair – Lü
The pilgrims' paths in Val Müstair form the first stages of the Jakobsweg Graubünden. Enjoy the intact nature and landscape and focus on the essentials in life.

Way of St. James Graubünden. Stage 1, Müstair - Lü

The pilgrims' path from Müstair to Lü forms the 1st stage of the Jakobsweg Graubünden and the most easterly stage in Switzerland and thus a small section of the European pilgrims' path network, which leads to Santiago de Compostela.

Way of St. James Graubünden. Stage 2, Lü - S-charl

«Tamangur» – the fairytale name of Europe's highest stone pine forest - crowns the hiking day. Steep trail over the old Pass da Costainas with a pleasant descent past Alp Astras to the idyllic village of S-charl.