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Valchava in Val Müstair

Dorfbild Valchava
The quiet and well-preserved village with its baroque church tower from the 15th century has various sights to offer. The restored lime kiln on the edge of the village and the local history museum «Chasa Jaura» offer an insight into the past.

Discover Valchava

The «Chasa Jaura» welcomes its guests and offers a fascinating glimpse into the former way of life of the valley's inhabitants. A mixture of tradition and modernity can be experienced every year, on the first Sunday in October, when the harvest festival takes place in Valchava. The festival opens with an ecumenical church service, followed by a colourful parade and market. All this makes the harvest festival a popular destination for the whole family.

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Chasa Jaura

The memory of the valley Chasa Jaura Valley Museum

The «Chasa Jaura» provides an insight into the former rural way of life of the people of Münstertal. In addition, exhibitions of contemporary art are held here regularly.

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Kalkofen Valchava im Val Müstair

A piece of history Calcium oven

The calcium oven shows the production of lime in earlier times and is a federally listed building.

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