Event Tschierv

Ski-OL Cup Swiss Championships 2023


Ski-OL Cup Swiss Championships in Tschierv. For more information www.ski-o-swiss.ch/.


13.01.2023 to 15.01.2023
on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

From 13 to 15 January, international ski orienteering competitions will be held in Val Müstair. For the elite, the competitions take place as part of the Ski-O Tour, with stages 1-3 being held in Austria from 9-11 January as World Cup races. Several top runners will travel on to Val Müstair on Thursday. Stages 4-6 will take place on Friday 13 January at Fuldera (Furom) and on Saturday and Sunday at Tschierv. At the start are seven women of the top ten of the ski orienteering world rankings, in the men's three of the top ten. This includes Gion Schnyder, who lives in Siat, who is seventh in the world rankings. On Saturday and Sunday, around 150 participants from about 15 nations are registered. On Sunday, 15 January, the Swiss Ski Orienteering Championship 2023 over the long distance will also take place. The competition can be followed on Saturday in the finish area of the Tour de Ski near Tschierv between 13 and 15 o'clock and on Sunday between 10 and 12 o'clock. Further information, including information on starting opportunities, can be found at www.ski-o-swiss.ch/.


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