Language trail around Valchava

Senda da las linguas

Senda da las linguas
The «Senda da las linguas» is a new, approximately 8 km long audio tour around Valchava. Along the way, eleven short lyrical radio plays provide insights into Rhaeto-Romanic – or more precisely into the dialect «Jauer», which is widespread in Val Müstair – and thus make the language tangible.

On the language trail

The scenic circular trail leads in 3 to 4 hours along an «Aual» from Valchava to Sta. Maria. The way back is on the opposite side of the valley, across meadows, fields and through sparse forests. At each listening station, a seat invites you to pause and discover the language and field names.

Senda da las linguas

Hiking route

Here's the hiking route...

The audio guide

The bilingual audio pieces take Romansh field names as their subject for sonic and narrative miniatures. The audio pieces can be enjoyed with the «Hearonymus» app or the QR codes along the path. The «Senda da las linguas» was created by the artists Annette Schmucki, Reto Friedmann and Gianna Olinda Cadonau for the 50th anniversary of the Chasa Jaura Valley Museum. Linguistic and musical contributions were made by David Spinnler, Eva Nievergelt, Andri Steiner and Curdin Janett.

Senda da las linguas

Download the audio guide

The «Hearonymus» app guides you from audio station to audio station. We recommend headphones for the best listening pleasure!

Sponsors and patrons

The «Senda da las linguas» would not have been possible without the active support of numerous sponsors and patrons. The Biosfera Val Müstair would like to thank: Annemarie Hitz Foundation, BATA SCHUH Foundation, Cumün da Val Müstair, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Foffa Conrad AG, GKB CONTRIBUTION FUND, Hotel Central la Fainera, Hugo Looser Foundation, Lia Rumantscha, Luzi Willi Foundation, Oertli Foundation, Raiffeisenbank Engiadina Val Müstair, Società ad ütil public Val Müstair, SWISSLOS/Promoziun da la cultura Chantun Grischun, TESSVM, Verein Pro Val Müstair.

Chasa Jaura
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The memory of the valley

Valley Museum Chasa Jaura

The «Senda da las linguas» is a new offer of the Chasa Jaura.

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