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Rent an e-car

Since 2019, a BMW i3 has been available to guests and locals at the Nature Park office in Tschierv. The whole valley can benefit from the new electric car and easily rent the car.

Rent in three steps

1. Register

First register on WeGo Carsharing. You will receive the link to the app by email as soon as you have registered.

2. Book and go

Now you can conveniently reserve the car at the free times. The app also serves as your car key: get in and drive off. After booking, close the car again and EXIT BOOKING.

3. Pay

After the drive, you will receive an invoice, which is made up of the kilometres driven and the rental period. The cost is 2 CHF/hour, the daily rental 40 CHF/day (select «day rate» in advance). A flat rate of 0.5 CHF/km per kilometre is added.

Watch WeGo Carsharing App Erklärvideo on YouTube.

Further information

Location The electric car is parked in front of the Nature Park office in Tschierv at the Plug'n Roll petrol pump. The car must always be returned to the starting point in Tschierv.
Insurance You are insured during the journey. The deductible is CHF 1000.
BMW i3 The electric car has a range of up to 300 km (depends on distance, driving style and temperature). The 4-seater has an automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive.
Shop After the journey, always connect the charging cable and start charging using the charging card in the glove compartment. The charging cable belongs in the boot (do not leave it plugged in at the pillar).
Further A quick guide to the car is in the passenger door, the owner's manual is in the glove compartment.