So close to heaven

Lü-Lüsai in Val Müstair

Dorfbild Lü
High above the Val Müstair lies the small village of Lü and its suburb Lüsai. The name is said to derive from the Latin word «lux», which means «light». During the day an insider's tip for botanists and plant lovers, at night the ideal place for stargazing.

Discover Lü

The sun-drenched village of Lü is well known to nature lovers. Many rare orchid species, brownroot plants and medicinal plants thrive in the vicinity of the village and can be admired during the day. As night falls, the stars suddenly seem close enough to touch. Thanks to the low light pollution up here, at over 1,900 m above sea level, the stars shine brighter nowhere else.

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Feuerstellen im Val Müstair

Excursion tip for families Lü-Lüsai fireplace

The excursion to the Lü-Lüsai playground and barbecue area is worthwhile for the whole family.

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