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Severin Hohenegger

The Val Müstair and its side valleys offer countless possibilities for extended hikes from easy to challenging. Along the Rombach, on the warm southern slopes of the Piz Terza or on the peaks of the surrounding 3000-metre peaks, beautiful tours can be planned for various demands.
Severin Hohenegger aus Fuldera


  • Severin Hohenegger, 5 February 1962
  • Education: BAW Hiking Leader Summer & Winter
  • Languages: German, Rumantsch
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View from Lü to the Piz Daint

Favourite tour Lü – Piz Terza – Pass da Constainas – Lü

My favourite place to walk is my local mountain, the Muntet. On the round hikes you can enjoy the wide views and let nature take its effect on you.

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Severin Hohenegger
Sur Fuldera 29C
7533 Fuldera
Tel. +41 79 228 31 64