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Chantal Lörtscher

Schneeschuhwanderung im Val Müstair mit Chantal Lörtscher
The fact that I have been able to live and work in my adopted homeland for almost 22 years always awakens feelings of happiness in me. I love to inspire my guests with the big and small wonders of nature in all four seasons and to show them the many cultural and natural treasures. The most important thing is and remains that we have a great time together and return home safe and sound at the end!
Chantal Lörtscher, Guide im Val Müstair


  • Chantal Lörtscher, 11 June 1975
  • Education: J&S/SBV (Swiss Mountain Guide Association) & federal certificate for hiking and snowshoe guides, additional course for T4
  • Languages: German, Italiano, Français, English
  • Also offers Bike & Hike (for long tours)
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Chantal Lörtscher in Ihrer Heimat – dem Val Müstair

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A warm "Bainvgnü - Welcome" is assured to all who are guests of the humble Jauers. This is the real Val Müstair: nature and culture combined with modernity and customs.

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Chantal Lörtscher
Lingia 102
7535 Valchava
Tel. +41 78 802 38 22