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The Red Book: Dance Project Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth

Dance performance with Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth. Exciting and impressive dance performance with Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth. Chastè da Cultura, Fuldera. CHF 25.00. Information: Tel. 079 416 66 86.


30.09.2022 at 20:15 o'clock
CHF 25.00 for non-members
CHF 20.00 for members
Chastè da Cultura

Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth takes us on a dance journey based on C. G. Jung's diary. With dance, text, image and music, she walks a tightrope between love, terror and hope - written a hundred years ago during the transition to modernity (1913-1930), again highly topical and urgent than ever. The production was created on the occasion of the publication of the red book for the Museum Rietberg and traveled as far as San Diego, USA, and Jaipur, India.

"Impressions about Jung's own life in a pressing density of incredible power." Madeleine Schüpfer, Oltner Tagblatt

Dance and Choreography: Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth
Director, Speaker: Jochen Heinrich
Stage, Light: Martin Schaefer
Music: Roy Bruno Mantel
Painting: Rolf Zurfluh

The dance project Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth is known for its cross-art, content-oriented solo dance theatre productions. Although alone on stage, Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth is in constant dialogue with the artistic statements of her team. Contemporary music, video animations, lighting, costumes and extraordinary props create a living space for the dancing figure and for the associations of the audience. The works of the dance project have been widely reviewed in the national and international press, including a study on "Lichtungen" in the cultural review of the New York Times by Jennifer Dunning as one of the outstanding dance events in 2004.


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