Event Fuldera

"Schätzchen" with Volker Ranisch

Performance "Sweetheart". Love story against the background of a quarrel between two people. Chastè da Cultura, Fuldera. CHF 25.00 non-members / CHF 20.00 members. Info: 079 416 66 86


17.03.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
CHF 25.00 non-members
CHF 20.00 members
Chastè da Cultura

Literary musical duet – humorous, intelligent, elegant and relevant A love story in letters in the tradition of love letters based on the novel of the same name by Benjamin Rakidzija.
How strange it is when we confront the story of our two aging lovers, Sophie and Pierre. Back then, it took 10 newspaper ads to fall in love. Today: 10 thousand websites – to get lost in?
Or would a man still have the idea of whistling after a woman today?
And if so, would Mann dare? A gossip on a lady's butt was once considered a compliment, as Madame Bardot noted not without melancholy. This is where our couple, our "hero" and
his "sweetheart", who is no longer such, and perhaps never was.
Sensitized by issues such as equality and equality, both seek to understand and integrate their radical, conservatively outdated, overexcited, negligently lax attitudes into their world. We have two people in front of us, seemingly stuck in their habits, then torn out of them, reoriented and put up by the surprising love for each other... An awakening experience, that's it. The awakening from the sleep of loneliness and the hope, and longing, for tenderness.
It is a love story, absolutely, against the backdrop of an argument between two people who are looking for fulfillment within. Arguing – that's what they needed. For many a person who never dares to argue: What does he get out of his life? Doesn't he always remain what he was...'


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