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Saving lives in avalanches - know how!

Saving lives in avalanches. Valley station ski resort Minschuns. Adults from 16 years 25.- (without GK 30.-). Registration until Monday 11:00 at the guest info Val Müstair, Tel. 081 861 88 40

Valley station ski resort Minschuns

7532 Tschierv


27.12.2022 to 07.03.2023 from 09:30 to 11:30 o'clock
on Tuesday
Adults from 16 years 25.- (without GK 30.-)
Guests Biosfera partner farms 10.-
Valley station ski resort Minschuns

The best avalanche transceivers are of no use if they are not used routinely in an emergency. Minschun's rescue team therefore regularly offers avalanche transceiver courses in which all interested parties can practice the search techniques, sounding out and excavation for emergencies under expert guidance.

Clothing suitable for deep snow (functional winter trousers/jacket), high winter boots, avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel. Avalanche equipment can be borrowed free of charge if required.

Until Monday 11:00 at the Guest Info Val Müstair, Tel. 081 861 88 40


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