801 A la riva dal Rom - on the banks of the Rom

15 km
4:00 h
9 mhd
480 mhd
A la riva dal Rom
Themenweg in Graubünden: A la riva dal Rom – an den Ufern des Rom

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Varied hike along the free-flowing main valley river, along magnificent and largely untouched floodplains along the Rombach. The accompanying brochure "A la riva dal Rom - a river writes history" provides exciting insights into the eventful history, the special habitats and the legends surrounding the Rombach and thus turns the hike into a theme trail.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1747 m
Lowest Point  1238 m
Best Season

Start PostBus stop Tschierv, Süsom Tschierv
Destination PostBus stop Müstair, Clostra Son Jon
Coordinates 46.629396, 10.325814


The hiking trail «A la riva dal Rom» starts at the source of the Rombach stream in Süsom-Tschierv and leads to Müstair. It is clearly signposted with the signposts 801. The hike leads past fens, overcomes steep steps of the stream and leads along the lower course of the river through mysterious, elf-inhabited meadows.


The hike is easy to manage, offers many opportunities to rest, two playgrounds with fireplaces directly on the water (in Valchava and Müstair) and several inns in the villages not far from the route. The route through the plain between Tschierv and Fuldera or in Müstair between the Schützenhaus and the schoolhouse is also suitable for prams. The hike can be done in stages.


The handy and richly illustrated information brochure «A la riva dal Rom - a river writes history» turns the hiking trail into a theme trail. It conveys the eventful history, the special habitats and the legends around the Rombach. The brochure also contains a detailed hiking map and is available free of charge at the guest information office or at the Center da Biosfera.


Download the information brochure:

Brochure «A la riva dal Rom - a river writes history».


The tour was assessed in favourable weather conditions, it is imperative that the current weather conditions and weather forecasts are observed before starting the tour.


Emergency call:

144 Emergency call, first aid

1414 Mountain rescue REGA

112 International emergency call


From the Süsom Tschierv PostBus stop, follow signpost 801. The trail leads along the Rombach to Müstair.

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