Tessanda - First place in the «European Textile & Craft Award 2024» in the Textile Craft category

Tessanda hand weaving mill wins first prize in the Textile Craft category at the «European Textile & Craft Award 2024».

Textile masterpiece

Tessanda success

The Tessanda women at the award ceremony were delighted! The hand weaving mill Tessanda from Sta. Maria V.M. wins the gold award in the Textile Crafts category. It was honoured for its «Maurus» apron, for its commitment to the craft of weaving and the creation of jobs for women, for its bold plans for the future and for the cross-country and cross-valley generation and craft project.

Barbecue apron «Maurus»

Tessanda has submitted its «Maurus» barbecue apron for the «European Textile & Craft Award 2024». The international jury awarded Tessanda the gold prize in the Textile Craft category with the following justification:

«The design and concept of the product are impressive in their versatility. The product ideas are contemporary and do not treat «handmade» as an end in itself, but rather as a pleasant «adon». The submitted piece, Maurus, is an apron with a detachable leather belt that combines design and craftsmanship at a high level. The weaving branch located in Sta. Maria is an exemplary contributor to the promotion and dissemination of the craft of weaving. The branch has old looms, a comparatively large production, and ambitious goals for the future.
In addition to the high-quality workmanship, the cross-country and cross-valley generation and craft project is worth mentioning as it creates numerous job opportunities, mainly for women, in a village with a population of 300».

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"Gold" goes to the Tessanda hand weaving mill! Media release

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Handweberei Tessanda Val Müstair.

Where beauty is created Hand weaving mill Tessanda

The Tessanda hand weaving mill is one of the few remaining professional hand weaving mills in Switzerland. For 90 years, the weavers have been passing on the secrets of the weaving tradition to their

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