Hotel Chasa Chalavaina - Historic Hotel of Switzerland 2024

Uli Veith vor dem Hotel Chalavaina
The Hotel Chasa Chalavaina has been honoured with the title "Historic Hotel of Switzerland 2024". The award ceremony took place on 13 November 2023 in Zurich's renowned Kronenhalle, which itself was honoured as a Historic Restaurant 2024.

Cultural heritage

Historic splendour

The Hotel Chasa Chalavaina in Val Müstair has been honoured with the coveted "Historic Hotel 2024" award. This award, presented by the Swiss national group of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), recognises hospitality businesses for their outstanding preservation and maintenance of historic buildings. 

The jury

The jury, consisting of experts in various fields such as monument preservation, architecture, history, hotel business and restoration, honoured the Hotel Chasa Chalavaina for its outstanding achievement in preserving the historical heritage.

An award with supra-regional significance

The award has not only local, but also supra-regional significance for Val Müstair. Thanks to the newly established "Chasa Chalavaina" foundation and the operating company "Hotel Chasa Chalavaina AG", the future of the hotel is secure. The foundation is committed to preserving the original character of the hotel. The operating concept is characterised by its regional roots, genuine hospitality and respectful inclusion of history. The award of the Biosfera Val Müstair partner label further emphasises the hotel's commitment to the region..

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Chasa Chalavaina Historic elegance

The almost 770-year-old hotel on the Ofen Pass connecting Graubünden and South Tyrol has written history and stories.

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Uli Veith beim Empfang der Gäste im Hotel Chasa Chalavaina

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About the history
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Zimmer Chalavaina

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