Wild and farm animals

In Val Müstair, mother cows graze with their calves. When you cross the mother cow pasture, there are some rules of conduct to follow.
Large predators such as wolves and bears also cross the Val Müstair from time to time. However, both are shy animals and an encounter is therefore rare. Nevertheless, some things should be kept in mind when out and about in nature.

What are the basic rules to be observed?

  • Recreational activities should always take place on designated trails and sites. The habitats of all wild and farm animals must be respected.
  • Make sure that wild animals are not attracted by openly accessible, potential food (for example by litter). Do not dispose of food scraps in the forest (for example at barbecue sites), even if the amount is small. Use the waste bins provided for this purpose.
  • Wild animals as well as mother cows may regard dogs as intruders or prey. Always keep your dog under personal control or leash it.

Mother cows protect their calves - pay attention to the following rules of conduct:

  • Keep your distance from the mother cows and calves and stay calm
  • Do not touch calves under any circumstances
  • Keep dogs on a leash, in case of emergency, be sure to let them go
  • Bikers and joggers: Stop and walk slowly past the herd

Here you can find the overview and the location of the mother cows.

On the website of the Swiss Hiking Trails you can find more information about the mother cow herds (website Swiss Hiking Trails).

What should I do if I encounter a large carnivore?

  • Stand still and try to grasp the situation. If the predator notices you, it will usually retreat or flee.
  • If the predator does not flee immediately, draw attention to yourself with a certain voice.
  • Retreat slowly, the animal will watch you or flee directly.
  • Under no circumstances try to approach the animal, not even for photos.
  • Never pursue a predator.
  • Wild animals must not be fed under any circumstances!
  • Report predators with conspicuous behaviour or low shyness to the game warden.
  • Further information and leaflets with the rules of conduct can be found here.

If the rules of conduct are observed, there is no danger to hikers, bikers or touring skiers from predators.

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Beobachtungen Grossraubtiere in Graubünden

Large carnivore observations in the canton of Graubünden Karte

A map of the Cantonal Office of Hunting and Fishing provides an overview of the distribution and occurrence of large carnivores in the canton of Graubünden.