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"Leise rieselt es nicht..." with Ferruccio Cainero and Luca Domenicali

Narrative artist Ferruccio Cainero tells stories about the origins of the nativity scene and its traditions in his usual lively manner


08.12.2024 at 18:00 o'clock
CHF 25.00 / CHF 20.00
Chastè da Cultura

The well-known storyteller Ferruccio Cainero tells in his usual lively manner about the origins of the nativity scene and its traditions.
He will be accompanied musically by Luca Domenicali.
Ferruccio talks about St. Francis, the Neapolitan nativity scene, the Catalan Caganer and the Santons of Provence. He tells us the story of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, but Luca's guitar doesn't always match Ferruccio's intentions. Luca has a certain light-heartedness and reckless optimism that Ferruccio can't stand, and Ferruccio has a painful pessimism that Luca doesn't understand. The honey-sweet Christmas atmosphere will not save the friendship between the two Italians, but rather the......??


Chastè da Cultura

Hauptstrasse 34, 7533 Fuldera

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