Event Müstair

Girunvalla Theatre

Open-air performance with singing and
Music in Romance language
by Herman Schweighofer,
Romance translation
by Gion Gaudenz
Performed by the theatre groups Val Müstair


15.07.2023 to 26.07.2023 from 21:00 to 23:00 o'clock
CHF 25.- Adults
CHF 12.- children
Children up to 7 years, free admission
Premiere 15.07.2023
further performances Girunvalla: 19.07.2023, 21.07.2023, 22.07.2023 and 26.07.2023 each at 21.00

Framework programme:
Tuesday, 18 July, 9.00 p.m. | Film: Im Kreis der Geier / Bearded Vulture News, lecture by Valentin Pitsch
Sunday, July 23, 8:30 p.m. | Reading with the writers Tim Krohn and Plinio Meyer
Tuesday, 25 July, 9.00 p.m. | 3 Contributions of the Romanisches Radio-und Fernsehsender (German Untertiltel)

Geierwally - Girunvalla

Girunvalla is the Romanesque version of the German folk play Geierwally. It is a theatrical version based on the novel of the same name by Wilhelmine von Hillern, published in 1873. The play was often performed with success in German-speaking countries
and filmed several times. There are even several opera versions. The current version was written by Herman Schweighofer. It is complemented by a local singer-songwriter who composed the song melodies especially for this purpose, a clarinetist and an accordionist. Their performances are also made for this performance.
Since the play lives mainly from its plot, it should also be accessible to non-Romance understanders, especially after reading the synopsis.


Act I
On the forecourt of the Valpaschuner farm
The introductory text, read by the narrator, tells the story of the young Valburga, who had cleared out a vulture's nest as a young girl. Throughout her life, she was a disappointment for her domineering father because she was not born a boy. But back then, when she took the young bird out of the nest, he was proud of her. Since then, Valburga has only been called Geierwally, Romansh Girunvalla.
The tyrannical father wants to see his daughter married to the dashing young farmer Vincenz. Since Girunvalla did not agree, he banished her to a remote mountain hut. After quite some time, Girunvalla reappears on the farm. The father insists on his point of view, but the young woman sticks to her opinion and claims to love someone else, namely Bear Joseph. The father wants to assert himself and orders the servitude to grab Girunwalla and imprison her. Through a ruse, she manages to escape. She returns to the cold, forbidding hut.

Act II
In front of and in the hut Plaun Frai (Cold Floor)
Girunvalla gets a visit from Chasper, the old servant. He wants to tell her that her father has died and that she is needed on the farm.
The bear Josef, accompanied by a young woman, is on his way to a funeral in the neighboring valley. They seek shelter from a storm and find shelter in the hut. Girunvalla recognizes her secret lover, but is jealous of her companion. Accordingly, the encounter is not very hearty. When Josef threatens to shoot the rabid vulture, an altercation with the hunter ensues. Josef and his companion then leave the hut disappointed. Girunvalla packs her things and goes down into the valley with the old servant.

On the forecourt of the Valpaschuner farm
Vincenz, the heir sneaker, still insists on his right to marry Girunvalla. The father would have determined it that way and promised him it, he claims. There is even a will in which the Valpaschuner bequeaths the farm to the young Vincent, even if Girunvalla should not become his wife.

Confusion arises when Josef the bear shows up to get a kiss. Girunvalla believes that Joseph is serious and falls for the wrong game. Josef, on the other hand, only wants to take revenge on his companion at the time because of false accusations and embarrasses Girunvalla. She seethes with anger and promises Vincenz to respond to his insistence if he knows what to do. Vincenz fetches the hunting rifle, and shortly afterwards a shot is fired.

We would like to withhold the conclusion from you, dear visitors. We are sure that if you watch attentively, you will understand the plot and will not go home disappointed.

Directed by Chasper Ans Gaudenz




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