Event Fuldera

cult divin ecumenic /ecumenical worship

Legnai: Di da la cultura da chatscha VM/ In Fuldera Daint, Legnai, an ecumenical service takes place as part of a day for hunting. Organizer: TURETTAS, società da chatschaders VM


28.05.2022 from 11:15 to 11:45 o'clock
Zeit The daily program starts at 11h and ends at 22h

cun Spiritual da la Clostra San Jon: Gregor Niggli, e cun rav. Bettina Schönmann/ with the spiritual of the monastery of St. Johann, Gregor Niggli, and with Rev. Bettina
Schönmannmusica dürant il di/music during the day's program:
concert da la musica da corns da chatscha Turettas; Concert of the hunting horn group "Weisskugel" made of mud; trategnimaint musical culs Lumpazs; fuormaziun "Slash & Cash" (Dario e Silvan Fallet)
giantar cumünailvel/ common meal


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