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Concert Cor Proget 24 - "quietezza"

Il Cor Proget 24 preschainta chanzuns cul tema "quietezza". Info Tel: 081 860 00 48.


21.04.2024 at 17:00 o'clock
Baselgia refuormada Sta. Maria

Il Cor Proget 24 s'allegra da'S pudair bivgnantar a seis concert. Las chantaduras e'ls chantadurs preschaintan suot la bachetta dal dirigent Marcel Heis lur program cul tema "Quietezza". Sustgnüts vegnan els dals duos giuvens musicists indigens Simon Steiner e Valentin Bezzolas. Els pisseran sgüramaing per contrasts e surpraisas!

The Cor Proget 24 is looking forward to welcoming you to its concert. The singers present their project with the theme "Silence" with the conductor Marcel Heis. You will be supported by the young local musicians Simon Steiner and Valentin Bezzola. They are sure to provide contrasts and surprises!


Cilgia Benderer

Via da Rachögna, 7550 Scuol

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