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Choir Concert

Choir concert for his birthday. Collection. Catholic Church, Valchava. Information: curdin@lanselsent.ch.


27.08.2023 from 17:00 to 18:30 o'clock
Roman Catholic Church Valchava

Il Cor Proget cumplischa quist on seis 30avel anniversari e quai festagiana, eir cun musica. Aint il center da nos nouv program sta la messa in G major per cor masdà, ensemble d'archets e solists da Franz Schubert. Quista bella musica vain inromada dad oter chant da lod e da recugnuschentscha. Ils concerts han lö ils 27 avuost 2023 a Valchava, ils 2 settember a Sent e'ls
3 settember a Zuoz. Quist program da giubileum vain manà dals dirigents Curdin Lansel e Marcel Heis, chi surpiglia lura a partir da settember la bachetta dal Cor Proget. Minchün es amiaivelmaing invidà, entrada libra, collecta.

On this solemn occasion, Cor Proget 23 will perform Schubert's Mass in G major as well as other songs of praise for mixed choir, strings and soloists.


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