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Author Tim Krohn and composer Fabian Müller

Author Tim Krohn and composer Fabian Müller. Presentation of the new opera «Eiger» with sound examples. Chasa Jaura, Valchava. CHF 20.00. Information: Chasa Jaura, Tel. 081 858 53 17.


11.08.2022 at 20:30 o'clock
CHF 20.00 for non-members
CHF 15.00 for members
Museum Chasa Jaura

Presentation of the new opera «Eiger» with sound examples

Encounter with the author and with the composer of the new opera «Eiger», which was premiered in December 2021 at the Theater Solothurn, Theater Biel and Theater Olten. The libretto is by Tim Krohn (Sta. Maria, Val Müstair), and Fabian Müller (Zurich) composed the music. "In 1936, four young daredevils tried to be the first to conquer the Eiger North Face. The first attempt the year before ended fatally. The radical nature of the mountain, which knows no mercy, which mocks the megalomania of the little man and yet finally embraces and absorbs him, forms one level of opera. The overpowering nature, on the other hand, has something as Mephistophelic as witch-like. In the fight – or rather play – against the small, slender person, she presents herself in all the exuberant wildness and beauty that distinguishes opera as a genre." Solothurner Zeitung of 21.12.21: "The opera Eiger by Fabian
Müller and Tim Krohn is a Helvetic masterpiece".

Seat reservation desired. Pre-registration for the Kulturbus required after the event. Phone 081 858 53 17


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